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Senior Engineer

For over 30 years, Rudi has had a passion for the manufacturing industry. He started his career as a Tool & Die Maker Apprentice at Westfalia-Werke (Westfalia–Campers) in Germany, where he was instructed by very old-school and skilled trades individuals. He was fortunate to work for several years after as a Journeyman at Westfalia. There Rudi mastered many different skills, as he was deeply involved in many different manufacturing processes. In 1994 it was the right time to step it up, and he decided to study Mechanical Engineering. Somewhere in between he met a Canadian girl in his home town and made the decision to follow her to BC, where he moved a few years later. Working in Canada, Rudi’s jobs have included tooling for injection molding, automation, precision machinery design, manufacturing in the electron-beam and lighting industry, equipment and tool design for the mining and heavy industry. Rudi joined Eteros on day one.