The next step in our journey: TOOLING UP

We’ve got all the research done. We’ve developed a design. We’ve built a prototype, tested, and then adjusted the design (many times). Everything is working the way we want it, and we’re now moving forward. But there’s a big step that comes between the final design and manufacturing: TOOLING UP. No, it’s not what Tim the Tool Man Taylor did before going to work. It’s the process of creating the machinery, automation, molds, dyes, and tools that we’ll use to create our final product. It’s building out the system that will ultimately be used to build our machines. Sounds complicated, and it is, especially for us. That’s because very few of the components on our machine are “off-the-shelf.” Meaning, nearly everything is custom.

Creating custom components takes a lot more time and effort, but it also provides us with complete control over how we want our product to look and function. We aren’t picking parts off the shelf that are “good enough” or with the attitude of “that’ll work.” We’re designing from scratch.

What I’m describing here is our culture of innovation, and creating precision-engineered products that are built for one reason: performance. A good example is the fan on our machine. We received quotes from a manufacturer of about $600 for each fan. But we’ve opted to create our own tooling to build our own fans. The initial time, effort, and money to create the tooling is significant, but once it’s done we can build our own fans for a fraction of the price, and that cost saving is passed along to the customer. Better yet, we have fans with the exact curves and specs that we want, so they work better, and they’re built right here in North America.

So please have patience with us while we TOOL UP. You can do things fast or you can do things right, and we’re committed to doing it right. All the waiting will be worth it, we promise.