Director of Marketing

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Before becoming a husband, and father of three, Darren lived the care-free life of an actor. It was a good life. He slept in late and ate as much Mr.Noodle as he wanted. However, with age and wisdom, he discovered that paying rent was a good thing — so he transitioned from in front of the camera, to behind.

After a few years of study, and countless late-night lessons, Darren finally cracked into the wonderful world of marketing. Starting out as an ad copywriter for Honda, he was fortunate enough to work his way up the ranks and market amazing brands such as Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers, The Vancouver Giants, Doosan, Grolsch, RE/MAX, MEC and BC Hydro to name a few.

Over the last ten years or so, he has used his passion for storytelling, branding, and creative problem solving to build a successful marketing career. He’s an advertising-addict who has developed marketing strategies and creative content for a frightfully diverse list of clients and industries. He loves to find the balance between information and emotion, and is beside himself with excitement to bring his eclectic experience to the Eteros family.


Favourite Car?
1974 Volkswagen Super Beetle. It was my first car and had a few problems — It took forever to warm up, had some minor aesthetic issues, and parts kept breaking at inopportune times -- basically, it’s my spirit animal.
Best concert ever attended?
I think the number one spot has to fall to Bowie — because Bowie. Number two spot needs to fall to either — Metallica (last concert where they had hair), KISS (first concert back in makeup), or Spinal Tap (yes, THAT Spinal Tap!) part of the first Great Canadian Party where they played every venue across Canada in one day, ending epically in Vancouver.
Do you have a favourite movie?
I like to laugh at serious things, or take childish things seriously — I pick This is Spinal Tap, or anything by Jim Henson.
Do you have any hobbies?
Too many really, I enjoy making music, playing guitar, board games with the kids, and being a couch-connoisseur of unhealthy hobbies such as scotch, beer & fried foods.
Do you prefer Windows or Mac?
Mac of course.
What are you most afraid of?