Head of Production

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Mark formerly held the position of Operations Manager at Keirton Inc.. He had responsibility for the manufacture of Cannabis Trimming Machines and related products marketed in Canada and Worldwide. In his 2 years as part of the senior Management Group, Mark was part of the team that helped revenue grow from 4 Million in 2013, to a projected revenue target of 14 Million by the end of fiscal 2016.

Prior to assuming his role at Keirton, Mark spent the previous 34 years in the
manufacture of Medical Devices. At Paris Orthotics Ltd, Mark held the positions of Production Manager, Engineering and Plant Manager and finally Operations Manager responsible for overseeing the manufacture of over 60,000 pairs of Custom Prescription Foot Orthotics annually.

The first 20 years of his career was spent at Med-Ex Diagnostics of Canada where he earned the titles of Production Supervisor, Production Manager, Plant Manager, VP Manufacturing Operations and finally VP of Operations. In his career at Med-Ex, Mark oversaw the production of Isokinetic Dynamometers, Isotonic Dynamometers and Infant Radiant Warmers used in Hospital Birthing rooms throughout the US and Canada.


Do you prefer Windows or Mac?
Windows, no question!
When are you the happiest?
When we’re on time!
What are you most afraid of?
Heights! I hate heights.
What is your favorite car?
Tesla Model S!
What quality in yourself would you hate to see emulated in your employees or children?
I always want to be in control. My wife hates it. But I wouldn’t want them to be control freaks…
Name somebody you’d like to thank for helping you become the person you are today.
A guy named Jim McArthur. He was my karate instructor when I was 16, and he was my first real boss. I worked for him for 20 years! He definitely had a big impact on my life.