Captain (President & CEO)

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Aaron was born and raised in Surrey, British Columbia as the oldest of 2 boys. From the start, he had two main interests: building things and business ventures. By age 11, Aaron was earning money crafting up ads for the buy&sell to re-sell bicycles he had purchased, repaired, and rebuilt. By Age 14, he had bought a first car of many to fix up and resell. In high school, he started his first official business repairing and customizing vehicles. Immediately after graduating high school, Aaron started a marine mechanics apprenticeship, and was able to finish the 4 year program in 3 years. At age 20, he wasted no time starting up a mobile marine repair business. This business grew to occupy a four acre property on the Fraser River, where Aaron operated the boat launch, boat moorage, dry land boat storage and boat repair business. A few years later, Aaron started a second company at the same location building aluminum boats ranging from 17 to 28 feet in length, built for the tough BC coast. In this incredibly competitive industry, he learned the value of lean and efficient manufacturing practices.

In 2007, Aaron co-founded a company which designs, manufactures, and distributes harvesting machinery. The business began at the marina, but quickly grew to the point of needing more space. At this point, Aaron sold the marine business to focus solely on this new venture, and moved to a bigger building a few blocks away. Aaron was responsible for much of the engineering, operations, and strategic planning that propelled impressive year-over-year growth. It was here that he got a real taste of large scale manufacturing and learned everything he could about it. At this point he knew for sure that this was his passion, and he wanted to run a business focused on engineering and fine tuned manufacturing processes to create exceptional products. In late 2016, Aaron sold his interests to start Eteros – a company with engineering and divergent thinking at its heart.


What characteristic do you most admire in others?
Great work ethic.
If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Pitt Lake, BC, Canada
Do you have any hobbies?
Building things (anything). Lego, buildings, cars, businesses… I just love creating something from nothing.
What is your dream car?
1932 Ford Hot Rod (coupe with fenders).
What is your biggest pet peeve?
People with no work ethic or an “It’s not my problem” attitude.