Our Impact

Reshoring Manufacturing

Eteros is dedicated to improving our community and making a lasting impact. Through reshoring jobs back to North America and implementing sustainable business practices, Eteros is producing impactful solutions for our consumers, clients, and the environment.


Enduring Products

Our products are locally built in North America, providing manufacturing jobs and bolstering the local supply chain. Domestic production reduces transportation, minimizing our environmental footprint. Finally, we design all equipment to be repairable, eliminating waste by extending the product's lifecycle. This approach not only results in a lower lifetime cost for our customers but also helps us make a positive impact on the environment.

Community Engagement

Across our portfolio of brands, we actively organize and host educational events such as demos, classes, networking events, and webinars to support and educate our customers. Additionally, we provide valuable learning resources for the community, empowering them to expand their knowledge base and embrace technology to achieve their goals.

2021-10-20 - Eteros Demo in the Desert_0090

Employee Relations

Our team at Eteros is made up of diverse backgrounds and skills. From in-house design and creative to mechanical engineering and manufacturing, we continue to invest in and develop our expert personnel to ensure growth and positive morale. With a focus on local engagement and our communities, Eteros is committed to reshoring jobs across the US and Canada by sourcing local talent.

Our Commitment

Eteros remains dedicated to enhancing our communities and the environment. Our relentless pursuit of innovation and unwavering commitment to quality enables us to provide value to our customers, partners, employees, investors, and the communities we serve. Together, we're making a positive impact and contributing to a better future.